Why Not 11? - Episode 9 - Seduction on the Brain


It's the NINTH week of the Why Not 11 podcast. I know, I'm running out of time! One thing is sure, though - actually making the 11th Art of Seduction film is going to take far less time than pitching it has. I'm not worried. Really. Anyhow, on to the show notes:

First off, let me just say thanks to all of you who have been supporting me since the beginning. Without your encouragement, who knows? I might not have made it through last week's little "meltdown". That was a bit embarrassing. Well if last week you witnessed me cracking up... this week, you'll be happy to learn that - CRACK!! I've had a breakthrough.

This week on the 'cast, I discover several important things:

-I have been behaving like a lunatic (why didn’t anyone tell me???!!)
-Politics Shmolitics. Peter MacKay, your advice is not working. Sorry dude, I've got to try a different approach.
-Don't ever tell Joshua Karpati ANYTHING bad about Pasquale. Ever.
-It pays to be nice and make friends. (Are you listening, Mr. Forte?) My friend and advertising genius, Christopher Grimston and I do a sit down on repackaging... me!
-The 11th SHORTS IN MOTION Art of Seduction film will concern Mr. Forte's favorite subject...

Plus I get messages from Ron Sexsmith and Lewis Black...

...and a promise from Forte to make my movie! Okay... so I have to deliver two small things before the deal is SEALED... but he is INTERESTED!! FINALLY!

Friends, we are closing in! Now who wants to volunteer to be crew on my movie??

Image of the week:

The boys from OK Go recently stopped by to lend their support to the cause. Thanks Guys!

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5 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 9 - Seduction on the Brain”

  1. Comment by tomasso:

    The podcast has been charming me as the episodes go on - sly theatrical journalism that has made me realize how much tease and patience and playful education goes into real seduction. Very cool.

  2. Comment by vincenzo:

    I never knew how much I sucked at seduction until I started listening to this podcast! What an eye opener!! Now I'm sure I'll be unstoppable! Watch out ladies!!!

  3. Comment by melanie:

    Two stars!!? Phpppphmmmp!!! That should be easy for you Micky! CALL in your favours baby doll.

  4. Comment by peter m.:

    Karpati and the dog. It actually made me laugh out loud.

    You're right. don't ever tell him anything like that again.

  5. Comment by Juanita:

    Forte, you do NOT want to piss off Lewis Black again...let Mickey make the 11th film!!!