Why Not 11? - Episode 8 - Dressing to Seduce


It's Episode 8 of the Why Not 11 podcast, and I've gotta say, I hope I'm not starting to lose my mind... Anyway, Last week's AWESOME pitch for my Art of Seduction film, on "the seductive power of music" didn't go so well with the "powers (power, I guess) that be" at Shorts In Motion, so in this episode, I struggle to find a new topic...

plus, I:

-Narrowly avoid having a psychotic break.
-Receive some "advice" (and I use the term with reservation) from the normally helpful Joshua Karpati. Damn you, Karpati. Let's see if I feed your stupid snakes next time you leave town...
-Get some actual help from the lovely and talented Lucy DeCoutere and Sarah Dunsworth from Trailer Park Boys - we talk fashion, fishnets and fetishes!
- Become *slightly* tipsy at a swanky fashion party where I talk to style guru (and judge on Canada's Next Top Model) Jeanne Becker about stillettos, seduction, and the benefits of not wearing underwear.
-Collect more calls of support - this time from Donnie Wahlberg, plus ART OF SEDUCTION directors Trent Carlson and Mark McKinney. Are you listening Mr. Forte?

Sigh. Probably not.

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3 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 8 - Dressing to Seduce”

  1. Comment by donna:

    WAKE UP FORTE!! Let Micky make a movie already!!

  2. Comment by Jerry:

    You know what's seductive?? The TRAILER PARK GIRLS!!! Lucy and Sarah!! HAWT!!! In Fishnets?? I can't even stand it!

  3. Comment by Juanita:

    Forget about Karpati, Mickey. He has been no help to you at all and is starting to sound shady. You will find a way to make the 11th. I know you can do it.