Why Not 11? - Episode 7 - Seduction & Song


We're now SEVEN weeks into my quest to make the 11th movie in the "Shorts in Motion" ART OF SEDUCTION series. So, Forte didn't bite on last week's "Wing Girls" pitch. Too bad - it was really cool. I think, though, that I have an even better idea (thanks to the ever brilliant Josha Karpati, who I managed to get ahold of while he was out in the field - not easy, let me tell you). Anyway, my film is going to be all about the seductive power of MUSIC! and it's gonna ROCK!

In this episode of the podcast, I:

-hit the streets and ask passersby about the ultimate make out music
-Drop in on Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, and ask him about the seduction of music (and musicians)
-visit with cellist Denise Djokic to try to figure out what's sexier - classical or pop
-get calls of support from Steve Dimarco, and - wait for it - Jeff Goldblum!

...and much, much more!

What do you think about our little debate - is Rock more "seductive" or emotionally engaging than Classical? Or the other way around? Post a comment!

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6 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 7 - Seduction & Song”

  1. Comment by peter m.:

    While I really like Jim Cuddy, and I'm a huge Blue Rodeo fan, I think I've got to disagree with him on one point - there is a LOT of classical music that is great for "getting it on". Try Ravel's Bolero... I dare you!

  2. Comment by Meaghan:

    Stairway to Heaven!! My lips HURT just thinking about that song!! Now THAT'S a makeout song! Loving this podcast!!

  3. Comment by Juanita:

    ....and of course there is always Liquour and Whores by Bubbles.....

  4. Comment by Starfish:

    Rock and Roll people...can you say JIMI HENDRIX???!! Panty removing guitar licking! Better than lemon gin! Classical music makes me think of making out with my grandmother. sheesh. Bad memories. lol!! Loving this podcast ! Hope you get to make a movie Micky!

  5. Comment by Debra:

    love it!
    Mickey, forget Sundance go to Showtime! Or just make that movie on your own! you dont need them! :)
    Yea for Roxy Music...Portishead, Cocteau Twins....songs without actual lyrics help each person write their story as they get involved in enjoying the physicality;;;,
    And of course the cello is THE sexy instrument!

  6. Comment by Janie:

    Africa...by Toto! A sweet makeout song! No Mozart for this girl, though I'm sure it rocks someone's boat!