Why Not 11? - Episode 6 - Wing Girls!


Well, it's episode 6. I can't believe that we've reached the sixth episode of the podcast and I haven't gotten though to Forte, (our favourite "Art of Seduction" Exec) yet. I mean, I've gotten through to him, but he keeps giving me the runaround. I think I hate him.

The campaign, on the other hand, is going really well - keep emailing me your photos! Plus, I actually saw someone on the street yesterday wearing a "Why Not 11?" t-shirt! Someone I don't even know! I nearly ran up and hugged him. But I kept my cool... don't worry...

Back to the 'cast. In this episode I:

-"seduce" Forte (in a manner of speaking)
-get advice from my buddy Shaun Majumder (since Joshua Karpati seems to have gone off on one of his "missions")
-Interview Marni Kinrys, the founder of the totally innovative Icebreaker Dating on the concept of "Wing Girls". She had a thing or two to say about seduction, let me tell you.
-Get votes of confidence from Norman Jewison, among others.

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See you next week!

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4 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 6 - Wing Girls!”

  1. Comment by Juanita:

    Does Forte use wing girls, Mickey? You will find a way to make the film. You have a lot of support..you can do it!

  2. Comment by Anonymous:

    I actually know a guy who used this service. he's a buddy of mine down in LA, and he's engaged now...

  3. Comment by Michael:

    Love it baby

  4. Comment by d bar:

    Hey Mickey Your So Fine, Your So Fine, Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey