Why Not 11? - Episode 4 - Sales is Seduction


We are now into episode FOUR of the "Why Not 11?" podcast! As you can see, there have been a few changes around here in "Why not 11?" land. I've taken Peter MacKay's advice to heart and mounted a serious campaign. You can now check out pictures of the growing "Why Not 11?" army (send me more!), browse the online shop for fun stuff (doggy t-shirts, anyone?), and, very soon, sign a digital petition that I'm going to confront Forte with. Plus, I've tarted up the podcast itself a bit.

I'm serious, people! I'm going to make one of these films... Mr Frederick Forte has no idea who he's dealing with here. And I've got to get on the ball - the fourth ART OF SEDUCTION film has already launched (MOOD by Ann Marie Fleming).

Oh, and I was fooling around on the Art of Seduction site, and *apparently*, this is my "seduction style":

The Midas Touch
Everything you touch turns to gold, and it kind of creeps us out. You're completely calculating, but then, you also have a good heart, and are a really nice person. We'd judge, but you keep using your powers for good, not evil, and that's totally charming and sweet. Aww, look at you. You're so bloody nice. It's like, we could curl up on your lap and feel safe, and drink cocoa and solve the world's problems through cuddling. That's your superpower: cuddles.

Hmmm. I'm not so sure about that result. I don't think I'm that sweet... Whatever. Try it for yourself!

Anyway, back to the podcast. This week:

-Jennifer Tilly sends me shopping!
-I meet a totally cute, totally helpful guy
-Joshua Karpati thinks I'VE been seduced! Micky Brooklyn, the Mistress of Seduction...seduced?! Ha!

Well...you be the judge.

 Episode 4 - Sales is Seduction [22:35m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

2 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 4 - Sales is Seduction”

  1. Comment by Rose:

    She Got SEDUCED!!!! I am sorry to say this, but hun, I work in retail...I have worked for commission in the past and sales associates areTrained to do WHATEVER it takes to sell the product!
    Girl, that Camera guy is just blessed with good looks- he gets all the hot chicks and seduces them to make him money!!!
    oof!sorry to pop the romantic bubble you were depending on...

  2. Comment by Finn:

    Hey Micky! Did anyone ever tell you that you and Jennifer Tilly have similar voices? Haaawt!! I don't think you got seduced. His JOB was to sell you stuff and it sounded like he gave you great advice, even if it was a bit on the pricey side. It sounded like he was into you! But if you do go out with Camera Guy, make sure HE pays the BILL and takes you somewhere FINE!!