Why Not 11? - Episode 3 - Politics and Seduction


Part three of my continuing effort to get the "Shorts in Motion" people to let me make one of the ART OF SEDUCTION films. It's turning out to be a teeny bit more difficult than I anticipated - I'm not having any luck getting through to Frederick Forte (the executive producer of The Art of Seduction). The man is fast becoming my nemesis. I've decided to take things in a new direction. Yep. As the title indicates, I'm going to explore politics and seduction. So, in this episode, I will:

-Discuss politics with the all-knowing Joshua Karpati
-conduct a poll on charismatic (read: seductive) leaders
-get some insight on politicians from a couple of pros: journalists Seamus O'Regan and Mark Kelly
-begin to create my own "campaign" with some valuable advice on the art of diplomacy from Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter MacKay

Expect big things ahead on whynot11.com - starting this week!

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3 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 3 - Politics and Seduction”

  1. Comment by Juanita:

    Your expert on the art of diplomacy and dog farts knows what he's talking about so you should definitely lauch your own campaign, Mickey!

  2. Comment by Margaret:

    I think Bill Clinton is a TOTALLY seductive politician!

  3. Comment by Sarah:

    I agree with Margaret! Have to add though that Peter MacKay is pretty hot too!