Why Not 11? - Episode 2 - The Seduction of Accents


Well, it's been an interesting week... The official THE ART OF SEDUCTION site just launched (and I'm not on it yet...), and I started working on my film - "The Art of the Pickup". It was coming along really well...

Then... disaster! Mr. Forte doesn't like it, all of a sudden. And he kinda stopped taking my calls. It was back to the drawing board - so, in this episode I:

-Use subterfuge and deception to get Forte to take my call.
-Put on a blond wig and go undercover (check out the picture, taken as I was preparing my disguise... not bad if I say so myself!)
-Consult with the ever-brilliant Joshua Karpati. And decide NOT to do a film on evolutionary psychology.
-And take to the streets to find out what accents people find seductive...

Happy listening!

 Episode 2 - The Seduction of Accents [17:25m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

2 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 2 - The Seduction of Accents”

  1. Comment by Sasha:

    Privyet Micky! It's Sasha here in Moscow! I love your French accent! Why didn't you do your Russian accent?! Didn't I seduce you with my Russian accent?! Moscow misses you, golybchick. 11 Kisses to you, Sashenka

  2. Comment by Graham:

    I think the sexiest accent of all is an ITALIAN accent. An Italian reading from the phone book....now THAT is seductive!!