Why Not 11? - Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup


Welcome to the WHY NOT 11? podcast! Well, this is episode one of me documenting the process of making one of this year's SHORTS IN MOTION films. The theme is THE ART OF SEDUCTION. I can't wait! As you'll see (hear, I guess) in this inaugural episode, I will:

-Infiltrate the towering offices of Shorts in Motion.
-Meet the less-than-friendly Executive Producer of The Art of Seduction.
-Get valuable advice from Oscar-winner Paul Haggis and the genius that is Joshua Karpati.
-Hit the streets with Pasquale (the intrepid mini-dachshund) to find the perfect pickup line.

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 Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup [20:33m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

4 comments to “Why Not 11? - Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup”

  1. Comment by Jeremy:

    Micky darling...don't mean to burst your bubble, but if you know Paul Haggis, just get him to put you in his next movie. Then you'll be able to do whatever you want!

  2. Comment by Kat and Mouse:

    Hey Micky Girl! Here's a pickup line for you...."Did anyone ever tell you, you look EXACTLY like my next ex husband!"

  3. Comment by Vanessa:

    I just finished the first podcast and it's official... I'm hooked.

  4. Comment by Pipes:

    "What winks and fucks like a tiger?" I am SOO using that one.