About Me (and Pasquale)

Well I'm not one to talk about myself. Pasquale, my main man (well, he's actually my main mini-dachshund) might describe me as an actress and bon vivant

I'm probably best known for the zombie trilogy, "Cavern of the Flesh", "Craving of the Flesh" and "Carving of the Flesh", which garnered me Scream Queen honours (in Budapest), three years in a row. But that was some time ago.

These days I've got different aspirations. I want to get behind the camera and direct. Hey, it's the logical lateral move, right?

The Art of Seduction is the perfect platform for me to reinvent myself. Case in point: The films are short - two minutes (and who can't do a two minute film?), they're being delivered on multiple platforms - cellphones, the web, TV, and theatrical screenings (which is kind of cool), the current directors all know me and are on my side in this (are you reading this Mr. Forte?). Bottom line, I'm not giving up! Stay tuned...

Random facts about me:

Micky Brooklyn screen time: Cavern of the Flesh, Craving of the Flesh, Carving of the Flesh, plus probably three dozen other films (I've worked with pretty much everyone at one time or other.) Some TV work - was a corpse on two different CSI's, discovered a murder victim on Homicide: Life on the Street. Come to think of it, there's a lot of blood in my career.

Oh, I've also done a bunch of commercials... lately. You know the one with the housewife and the singing toilet brush? Yeah. That was me. Hence the new direction (no pun intended.)

Non-acting jobs I have had in my life: Perfume demonstrator, dogsled guide, traveling saleswoman, mailroom girl.

Places I have lived: St. Petersburg (RUSSIA, not Florida - that's where old people go to die) Anchorage, Toronto, and L.A.

Other awards I have won: Pogo-stick jumping champion (1998, Schenectady, New York). Don't laugh; it was brutally competitive... Come to think of it, that's where the blood began.

Friends of mine that have helped me get this podcast together: Fergus Heywood and Shauna MacDonald.

I'll add more to this as I think of things.

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