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Why Not 11? - Episode 2 - The Seduction of Accents

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Well, it's been an interesting week... The official THE ART OF SEDUCTION site just launched (and I'm not on it yet...), and I started working on my film - "The Art of the Pickup". It was coming along really well...

Then... disaster! Mr. Forte doesn't like it, all of a sudden. And he kinda stopped taking my calls. It was back to the drawing board - so, in this episode I:

-Use subterfuge and deception to get Forte to take my call.
-Put on a blond wig and go undercover (check out the picture, taken as I was preparing my disguise... not bad if I say so myself!)
-Consult with the ever-brilliant Joshua Karpati. And decide NOT to do a film on evolutionary psychology.
-And take to the streets to find out what accents people find seductive...

Happy listening!

 Episode 2 - The Seduction of Accents [17:25m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Why Not 11? - Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Welcome to the WHY NOT 11? podcast! Well, this is episode one of me documenting the process of making one of this year's SHORTS IN MOTION films. The theme is THE ART OF SEDUCTION. I can't wait! As you'll see (hear, I guess) in this inaugural episode, I will:

-Infiltrate the towering offices of Shorts in Motion.
-Meet the less-than-friendly Executive Producer of The Art of Seduction.
-Get valuable advice from Oscar-winner Paul Haggis and the genius that is Joshua Karpati.
-Hit the streets with Pasquale (the intrepid mini-dachshund) to find the perfect pickup line.

You can either use one of the subscribe links to the right, click the play button below to hear it in your browser, or download it from the link at the bottom of this post. I recommend subscribing.

 Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup [20:33m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download