Why Not 11? - Episode 10 - The Final Seduction?

Posted on November 23rd, 2006 by Micky. Filed in Podcast.
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Hello everyone! This is week 10 of the Why Not 11 podcast. If you are just dropping in to my world, you might want to catch up with everyone else and start at the bottom (believe me, that's where I started...) But I've done all the work so all you've gotta do is sit back and listen!

For the record, even though I truly believe that 10 is a completely boring and predictable number, EPISODE 10 of "Why Not 11" is nothing of the kind. It's true! I've spent 10 long weeks crawling and clawing my way down the long and treacherous road to convincing Mr. Frederick Forte, executive producer of the Art of Seduction series to let me make one of this year's SHORTS IN MOTION films.

And we are so close. So, so, so close.

So newcomers, go listen to the other nine and then come back here!

For the rest of you, sorry, it's a slightly shorter 'cast this week, 'cause I'm in a bit of a rush today. You see, something's come up... so after this episode, Why Not 11 will be on a tiny little hiatus... This week's episode will fill you in. I just may burn in hell. I hope not... but one thing's for sure, life as we know it may never be the same again...

Anyhow, talk to y'all soon, and please don't forget to vote for Why Not 11 at Podcast Alley! See the right hand column of the homepage.

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Why Not 11? - Episode 9 - Seduction on the Brain

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It's the NINTH week of the Why Not 11 podcast. I know, I'm running out of time! One thing is sure, though - actually making the 11th Art of Seduction film is going to take far less time than pitching it has. I'm not worried. Really. Anyhow, on to the show notes:

First off, let me just say thanks to all of you who have been supporting me since the beginning. Without your encouragement, who knows? I might not have made it through last week's little "meltdown". That was a bit embarrassing. Well if last week you witnessed me cracking up... this week, you'll be happy to learn that - CRACK!! I've had a breakthrough.

This week on the 'cast, I discover several important things:

-I have been behaving like a lunatic (why didn’t anyone tell me???!!)
-Politics Shmolitics. Peter MacKay, your advice is not working. Sorry dude, I've got to try a different approach.
-Don't ever tell Joshua Karpati ANYTHING bad about Pasquale. Ever.
-It pays to be nice and make friends. (Are you listening, Mr. Forte?) My friend and advertising genius, Christopher Grimston and I do a sit down on repackaging... me!
-The 11th SHORTS IN MOTION Art of Seduction film will concern Mr. Forte's favorite subject...

Plus I get messages from Ron Sexsmith and Lewis Black...

...and a promise from Forte to make my movie! Okay... so I have to deliver two small things before the deal is SEALED... but he is INTERESTED!! FINALLY!

Friends, we are closing in! Now who wants to volunteer to be crew on my movie??

Image of the week:

The boys from OK Go recently stopped by to lend their support to the cause. Thanks Guys!

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Why Not 11? - Episode 8 - Dressing to Seduce

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It's Episode 8 of the Why Not 11 podcast, and I've gotta say, I hope I'm not starting to lose my mind... Anyway, Last week's AWESOME pitch for my Art of Seduction film, on "the seductive power of music" didn't go so well with the "powers (power, I guess) that be" at Shorts In Motion, so in this episode, I struggle to find a new topic...

plus, I:

-Narrowly avoid having a psychotic break.
-Receive some "advice" (and I use the term with reservation) from the normally helpful Joshua Karpati. Damn you, Karpati. Let's see if I feed your stupid snakes next time you leave town...
-Get some actual help from the lovely and talented Lucy DeCoutere and Sarah Dunsworth from Trailer Park Boys - we talk fashion, fishnets and fetishes!
- Become *slightly* tipsy at a swanky fashion party where I talk to style guru (and judge on Canada's Next Top Model) Jeanne Becker about stillettos, seduction, and the benefits of not wearing underwear.
-Collect more calls of support - this time from Donnie Wahlberg, plus ART OF SEDUCTION directors Trent Carlson and Mark McKinney. Are you listening Mr. Forte?

Sigh. Probably not.

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Why Not 11? - Episode 7 - Seduction & Song

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We're now SEVEN weeks into my quest to make the 11th movie in the "Shorts in Motion" ART OF SEDUCTION series. So, Forte didn't bite on last week's "Wing Girls" pitch. Too bad - it was really cool. I think, though, that I have an even better idea (thanks to the ever brilliant Josha Karpati, who I managed to get ahold of while he was out in the field - not easy, let me tell you). Anyway, my film is going to be all about the seductive power of MUSIC! and it's gonna ROCK!

In this episode of the podcast, I:

-hit the streets and ask passersby about the ultimate make out music
-Drop in on Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, and ask him about the seduction of music (and musicians)
-visit with cellist Denise Djokic to try to figure out what's sexier - classical or pop
-get calls of support from Steve Dimarco, and - wait for it - Jeff Goldblum!

...and much, much more!

What do you think about our little debate - is Rock more "seductive" or emotionally engaging than Classical? Or the other way around? Post a comment!

Also, please show me some love and cast a vote for Why Not 11 at Podcast Alley! There's a little voting form on the right hand side of this page. - xo, Micky.

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Why Not 11? - Episode 6 - Wing Girls!

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Well, it's episode 6. I can't believe that we've reached the sixth episode of the podcast and I haven't gotten though to Forte, (our favourite "Art of Seduction" Exec) yet. I mean, I've gotten through to him, but he keeps giving me the runaround. I think I hate him.

The campaign, on the other hand, is going really well - keep emailing me your photos! Plus, I actually saw someone on the street yesterday wearing a "Why Not 11?" t-shirt! Someone I don't even know! I nearly ran up and hugged him. But I kept my cool... don't worry...

Back to the 'cast. In this episode I:

-"seduce" Forte (in a manner of speaking)
-get advice from my buddy Shaun Majumder (since Joshua Karpati seems to have gone off on one of his "missions")
-Interview Marni Kinrys, the founder of the totally innovative Icebreaker Dating on the concept of "Wing Girls". She had a thing or two to say about seduction, let me tell you.
-Get votes of confidence from Norman Jewison, among others.

Oh yeah... don't forget to use the "vote" form on the left to vote for "Why Not 11?" at Podcast Alley!

See you next week!

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Why Not 11? - Episode 5 - A House Matchmaker

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It's Episode 5 of the podcast! And I still haven't been able to start shooting yet!


Retail failed to convince Forte, so this week I up the ante and talk to a Debra Gould, aka THE STAGING DIVA. Her company is called "Six Elements", and she's a professional Home Stager. We have a great chat about making houses more seductive to prospective buyers when they're put on the market. And you know what? It really is like matchmaking.


- I get some valuable advice (as usual) from Josh Karpati
- turn up the heat on Forte
- get an audio postcard from Trooper (Check out the "Why Not 11?" Flickr account for the pic they sent)
- and receive a really sweet voicemail from Gordon Pinsent! I love Gordon...

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Why Not 11? - Episode 4 - Sales is Seduction

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We are now into episode FOUR of the "Why Not 11?" podcast! As you can see, there have been a few changes around here in "Why not 11?" land. I've taken Peter MacKay's advice to heart and mounted a serious campaign. You can now check out pictures of the growing "Why Not 11?" army (send me more!), browse the online shop for fun stuff (doggy t-shirts, anyone?), and, very soon, sign a digital petition that I'm going to confront Forte with. Plus, I've tarted up the podcast itself a bit.

I'm serious, people! I'm going to make one of these films... Mr Frederick Forte has no idea who he's dealing with here. And I've got to get on the ball - the fourth ART OF SEDUCTION film has already launched (MOOD by Ann Marie Fleming).

Oh, and I was fooling around on the Art of Seduction site, and *apparently*, this is my "seduction style":

The Midas Touch
Everything you touch turns to gold, and it kind of creeps us out. You're completely calculating, but then, you also have a good heart, and are a really nice person. We'd judge, but you keep using your powers for good, not evil, and that's totally charming and sweet. Aww, look at you. You're so bloody nice. It's like, we could curl up on your lap and feel safe, and drink cocoa and solve the world's problems through cuddling. That's your superpower: cuddles.

Hmmm. I'm not so sure about that result. I don't think I'm that sweet... Whatever. Try it for yourself!

Anyway, back to the podcast. This week:

-Jennifer Tilly sends me shopping!
-I meet a totally cute, totally helpful guy
-Joshua Karpati thinks I'VE been seduced! Micky Brooklyn, the Mistress of Seduction...seduced?! Ha!

Well...you be the judge.

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Why Not 11? - Episode 3 - Politics and Seduction

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Part three of my continuing effort to get the "Shorts in Motion" people to let me make one of the ART OF SEDUCTION films. It's turning out to be a teeny bit more difficult than I anticipated - I'm not having any luck getting through to Frederick Forte (the executive producer of The Art of Seduction). The man is fast becoming my nemesis. I've decided to take things in a new direction. Yep. As the title indicates, I'm going to explore politics and seduction. So, in this episode, I will:

-Discuss politics with the all-knowing Joshua Karpati
-conduct a poll on charismatic (read: seductive) leaders
-get some insight on politicians from a couple of pros: journalists Seamus O'Regan and Mark Kelly
-begin to create my own "campaign" with some valuable advice on the art of diplomacy from Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter MacKay

Expect big things ahead on whynot11.com - starting this week!

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Why Not 11? - Episode 2 - The Seduction of Accents

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Well, it's been an interesting week... The official THE ART OF SEDUCTION site just launched (and I'm not on it yet...), and I started working on my film - "The Art of the Pickup". It was coming along really well...

Then... disaster! Mr. Forte doesn't like it, all of a sudden. And he kinda stopped taking my calls. It was back to the drawing board - so, in this episode I:

-Use subterfuge and deception to get Forte to take my call.
-Put on a blond wig and go undercover (check out the picture, taken as I was preparing my disguise... not bad if I say so myself!)
-Consult with the ever-brilliant Joshua Karpati. And decide NOT to do a film on evolutionary psychology.
-And take to the streets to find out what accents people find seductive...

Happy listening!

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Why Not 11? - Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup

Posted on September 18th, 2006 by Micky. Filed in Podcast.
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Welcome to the WHY NOT 11? podcast! Well, this is episode one of me documenting the process of making one of this year's SHORTS IN MOTION films. The theme is THE ART OF SEDUCTION. I can't wait! As you'll see (hear, I guess) in this inaugural episode, I will:

-Infiltrate the towering offices of Shorts in Motion.
-Meet the less-than-friendly Executive Producer of The Art of Seduction.
-Get valuable advice from Oscar-winner Paul Haggis and the genius that is Joshua Karpati.
-Hit the streets with Pasquale (the intrepid mini-dachshund) to find the perfect pickup line.

You can either use one of the subscribe links to the right, click the play button below to hear it in your browser, or download it from the link at the bottom of this post. I recommend subscribing.

 Episode 1 - The Art of the Pickup [20:33m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download